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I got interested in this as a subject only in the 1980s, although it appears to have been simmering away since I first encountered the films of Robert Bresson in the 1960s. It was given a strong spur by the showing of all Tarkovsky’s films on UK Channel 4 in the 1980s. In a way Tarkovsky’s style is the antithesis of the Bressonian one, and both came in my mind to represent two poles of a religious cinema, the Bressonian one ascetic, the Tarkovskian one abundant. Rossellini and Dreyer are also key. As a result of this fermentation of ideas, I published ‘The Filmgoer’s Guide to God’ in 2004, and later, in 2014, as 'The New filmgoer's Guide to God'. The e-book (2.99) is available from Troubador - go to: http://bit.ly/TroubadorPress and search the book title. Paperback copies are also available: email me at cawkwell200@gmail.com.

Essays on films and film-makers that can be read here are:

See also the pages devoted to the work of the French Catholic film-maker Robert Bresson.

For some thoughts on the present vogue for monastery films, here is ‘Filming the Cloisters’.

October 2014