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the story of an extraordinary match – Middlesex v. Yorkshire, September 2015

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Sforzinda Books is the title of the publishing imprint I use as a vehicle to promote my own writing, principally on the cinema but also more widely. I hope in time to expand the number of titles available considerably.

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Cricket's Pure Pleasure

An account, in words and images, of a remarkable four-day game of cricket played at Lord's Cricket Ground, London, in September 2015 between Middlesex and Yorkshire.

Published 2016: 60 pages, 65 photographs, £8.90 paperback, £3.50 digital.

A Tivoli Companion: history and gardens

An essay about the Italian hill-town of Tivoli near Rome, famous for its gardens and with three millennia of history. Well illustrated.

Published 2015: 44 pages, 42 photographs, cost £8.08 digital, £8.50 paperback.

The New Filmgoer's Guide to God

A probing account of how film has dealt with Christian themes in the twentieth century, both doubts and certainties. Five great film-makers take centre stage: Bresson, Dreyer, Rossellini, Tarkovsky, Kieslowski, and the book considers a wide range of films from the past 100 years. Illustrated.

Published 2014 by Matador: 178 pages, cost £8.14 digital, £12.99 paperback.

Film Past Film Future: an enquiry into cinema and the imagination

What is the cinematic imagination?  Is it the spectator using his or her imagination in a creative manner to absorb the images presented?  Or is it the spectator spellbound before the film-maker’s imagination spilled out on the screen?  In the first, the imagination is firmly in the minds of the spectators; in the second, in the mind of the filmmaker. ‘Film Past, Film Future’ ranges widely over the history of the cinema in all its forms to show how film-makers have exploited both their own imagination and that of the spectator to create compelling films, narrative and non-narrative. Includes an extended consideration of cinema and the Holocaust.


Published 2011: ca 90,000 words long, cost £1.99 digital

Temenos 2012: being the strange account of an uncommon journey to discover the elixir of film

An account of the showing of Eniaios VII, VIII and IX by Gregory Markopoulos under the stars in Arcadia, Greece in July 2012. Including an account by Robert Beavers of the Eniaios project.

Published 2012: ca 9,000 words long, cost 99p digital

Between Wee Free and Wi Fi: Scotland and the UK belong surely?

A plea for the continued unity of the United Kingdom on geographical, historical and cultural grounds.

Published 2013, digital only: ca 4,000 words long, cost 99p


From Neuralgistan to the Elated Kingdom: a personal journey inside Sicily

This essay describes my 2012 encounter with Sicily – its treasures (Monreale, Segesta, Palermo among them) and its scars (the mafia presence, its sloth) – and brings them together with my experience of ‘giant-cell arteritis’, which is inflammation of the arteries in the head. It draws on Sicilian history in all its richness, on Di Lampedusa’s novel ‘The Leopard’, on films, on the intriguing distinction between shame and guilt cultures, on the attractions of islands, and on the cycle of Beethoven piano sonatas, especially the last five, as a travel narrative from suffering to release.

Published 2013: ca 12,000 words long, cost £1.08 digital