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Reply Tim Cawkwell
1:15 PM on February 24, 2017 
James - thanks very much for this correction, as it's important to get these things right. Now I think of it - and you so politely point it out! - the music doesn't even sound very passacaglia-like. I shall endeavour to amend the website in the next few days.

Reply James Irsay
9:24 PM on February 23, 2017 
Great site. One teeny correction about the music for Bresson's "Pickpocket". The stately music, as during the opening credits, is not the second movement ("Passacaille") of the Fischer, but the opening "Ouverture" (I checked the score). Again, a nice blog!
Reply Tim Cawkwell
1:03 PM on December 2, 2016 
Dear David
Delighted to get your email which I shall copy and paste in to an email to my brother and sister. Dad has been very sustained into old age by various things, one of which is the way old pupils keep in touch with him. I think he is lucky that he has so much contact with the next generation, and the generation after that, and the generation after that . . . but then I reflect he has made his own luck by virtue of his, and my mother's while she was alive, assiduous hospitality over the years.
Delighted too that you so admire the Pasolini Gospel which I too still regard as extraordinary. Would you like, by the way, a copy of my book 'The New Filmgoer's Guide to God'? I'd be very happy to send you one if you could give me your address. If so, get in touch through my email ([email protected]).
all the very best to you this Advent and Christmas.
Tim Cawkwell
Reply David Barlow
5:45 AM on December 2, 2016 
Dear Tim,
I wanted to tell George's family how much we love and admire their Dad! Some of us - his former students - as I'm sure you know take him out to lunch every year. And he was kind enough to invite us to lunch this past week - aged 97! - and it was utterly delightful. I hope I will be half as alive and erudite and acute and full of grace and humour if I reach that age. I am a young chap of 80 at present. Clearly he has a very gifted family. Your brother Simon's financial acumen - the truly lovely art of your sister - and I can see from your website that you have also been prolific. I'm a priest and a Christian and was fascinated to see you have written about faith and the cinema. I suppose I would put Pasolini's Matthew's Gospel at the top of that particular list. Still makes me weep. Your father was such a brilliant tutor, bringing out the best of the brilliant, and patiently nurturing those less so ("You may very well be right" he would say to me after my essay, in his gentle voice, "but...... " and then wonderfully show I had somehow managed completely to miss the point - which he would demonstrate to me,)
I wish you well
good wishes
David Barlow
Reply Smitha92
4:56 AM on October 3, 2016 
I like what you guys are up too. Such clever work and reporting! Carry on the excellent works guys I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it will improve the value of my website dfekcfgacefeeedb
Reply Tim Cawkwell
6:07 AM on May 4, 2016 
Ah, Jonathan, where are the mattresses of yesteryear? The new generation don't know what they're missing. I watched all of Snow's Central Region from the floor, what an astounding act of devotion that was. I took it in my stride at the time - or, more precisely, in the lotus position. No problem, as the new generation say. Awesome (the film I mean), as we all say.
Reply jonathan langran
9:05 AM on May 2, 2016 
i too viewed Peter Gidal's films at the Tate in April and your article is a good reminder of the experience. . . . after the screening PG asked me if i had sat through 'em & was pleased i had . . . in the old days in the coop, on the old mattresses on the floor kind of difficult looking at structuralist materialist film on the screen. Half a century later I find them thoughtful and endearing - etc. a touch inspiring . . . thanks again for the article. best regards.
Reply ★ Owner
6:00 AM on September 20, 2013 
Thanks, Malcolm. I don't in fact publish other stuff than my own. I'm part of the self-publishing phenomenon, a missing element of which are online publishers with their own online list - i.e. no physical copies involved.
Reply Malcolm Hart
7:44 AM on September 19, 2013 
Hello again Tim.
A most impressive website.
I'm wondering whether or not you publish anything other than your own.
I've got a story written many years ago and fiddled with ever since called CONFESSIONS OF A HIGH OFFICIAL which I would like to show you.
It deserves a good editor but the story is there.