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  • Kieslowski's 'The Office' (1966)
    Kieslowski's 'The Office' (1966)
  • image from my film Sketches for the Creation
    image from my film Sketches for the Creation
  • image from my own film 'Diverse Motions'
    image from my own film 'Diverse Motions'
  • from 'Pickpocket' - Bresson is a favourite fim-maker
    from 'Pickpocket' - Bresson is a favourite fim-maker
  • see short essay on Francis Bacon and Stan Brakhage
    see short essay on Francis Bacon and Stan Brakhage
  • Stan Brakhage hand-painting film
    Stan Brakhage hand-painting film
Kieslowski's 'The Office' (1966)
Kieslowski's 'The Office' (1966)


August 2017: two pieces on Nolan's DUNKIRK

on blog www.cawkwell200.com

review of SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT: the first decade of the London Film-Makers' Co-operative 1966-76

my 1971 8mm film Sketches for the Creation now digitally revised and available on Vimeo. Go to: https://vimeo.com/194487765

my blog, www.cawkwell200.com, has visual essays on Antonioni and Bassani in Ferrara - see posts for Oct. / Nov. 2016

and ASSASSINATION STORIES - Godfather 2 and the Book of Judges: post for 17 April 2007

June 2016    NEW AND UNHEARD-OF: 'A RAPPER MAKES ACQUAINTANCE WITH DECLINE AND FALL' - a poem with images. Watch it on YouTube.

or read it here.



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You've reached the homepage for Tim Cawkwell (see About Me). This website is a platform for my writing on film, whether in the form of blog-type entries or of essays. I have published a number of books (e.g. co-editor of ‘World Encyclopaedia of Film’ 1972, 'Film Past Film Future’ 2011, 'The New Filmgoer's Guide to God' 2014) and have launched (February 2013) my own imprint, Sforzinda Books, as a vehicle for these and other of my own books to be available in digital form. For more details go to the 'My Books' page.

There are four main sections to the site:

'Essays, ideas' consist of pages on individual films or film-makers or just a filmic idea that has caught my attention. This section has largely been succeeded by my blog.

2  I admire many film-makers but have a particular fascination for the films of Robert Bresson.

3  I responded very strongly to the arrival of the American underground films in the UK in the late 1960s, which spurred me to become a film-maker myself. Should we call this cinema experimental, underground, artists' films? I have no strong view, but have settled on avant-garde.

4  I have a particular focus in my mind on the way the cinema connects with religion and philosophy.

When I stopped making films, I took up the different art of photography: see my Photo Gallery

My 'camera and pen' emblem needs explaining. The phrase ‘caméra-stylo’ was coined in 1948 by the French director Alexandre Astruc to describe a cinema which was ‘just as flexible and subtle as written language’. Thirty years later I liked to use the phrase to describe the technique I used in my film-making days of drawing directly on the film strip using a calligraphic pen (long ago it would have been a goose feather cut to make a quill). Now, nearly 70 years on from 1948 I like it as a way of describing the art of writing about the cinema, and created this emblem to visualise the idea.

with thanks to Alan Berry and apologies to Rembrandt